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May 2024         Issue 208

  1. PCLinuxOS Debian Edition
  2. Tip Top Tips: How To Make Pipewire Sound Even Better
  3. PCLinuxOS Recipe Corner - Ham and Cheddar Pierogi Bake
  4. How Political Campaigns Use Your Data To Target You
  5. ICYMI: Google Incognito Mode Settlement Proposed
  6. Making The Law Accessible In Europe & The USA
  7. GIMP Tutorial: Playing With G'MIC, Part 2
  8. Cops Running DNA-Manufactured Faces Through Face Recognition Is A Tornado Of Bad Ideas
  9. The Motion Picture Association Doesn't Get To Decide Who The First Amendment Protects
  10. PCLinuxOS Recipe Corner Bonus: Slow Cooker Whole Orange Chicken
  11. Puzzled Partitions
  12. Screenshot Showcase

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