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Aug 2021      Issue 175

  1. Welcome From The Chief Editor

  2. Happy 30th Birthday, Linux!
  3. PCLinuxOS Recipe Corner: Home-Style Beef & Potato Skillet
  4. PCLinuxOS Recipe Corner Extra: Homemade Strawberry Pie
  5. Inkscape Tutorial: New Release Highlights
  6. Audacity: Now Considered Spyware
  7. Linuxera: A Former Forum Admin Could Use Our Help
  8. Short Topix: Microsoft? Has Its Own Linux??
  9. Streaming From PCLinuxOS To Your Smart TV
  10. Good Words, Good Deeds, Good News
  11. Email Self Defense: A Guide To Fighting Surveillance With GnuPG Encryption
  12. Apple & Its Mysterious Privacy Policy
  13. PCLinuxOS Recipe Corner Bonus: Italian Beef Kabobs For Two
  14. PCLinuxOS Puzzled Partitions
  15. Screenshot Showcase

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