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November 2020      Issue 166

  1. Welcome From The Chief Editor

  2. Game Zone: Slain - Back From Hell
  3. PCLinuxOS Recipe Corner: Skinny Beef Enchilada Pie
  4. Repo Review: Stretchly Break Time Reminder
  5. The Social Dilemma
  6. ms_meme's Nook: What's Happening?
  7. Short Topix: Could Microsoft Be Looking To Linux For The Next Version Of Windows?
  8. GIMP Tutorial: Create A Mandala Using Your Name
  9. The Document Foundation Calls On Apache OpenOffice To Work Together
  10. PCLinuxOS Family Member Spotlight - Snubbi
  11. PCLinuxOS Bonus Recipe Corner: Lasagna Roll-Ups
  12. ms_meme's Nook: All My Exes Live In Linux
  13. PCLinuxOS Puzzled Partitions
  14. Screenshot Showcase

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