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July 2020         Issue 162

  • From The Chief Editor's Desk

    1. Short Topix: Potentially BIG Power Savings Coming With Linux Kernel 5.8
    2. ms_meme's Nook: Yankee Doodle Tux
    3. Zoom Will Offer End-To-End Encryption To All Its Users
    4. PCLinuxOS Recipe Corner: Black and Bleu Steak Skillet for Two
    5. Microsoft's Deadly Love
    6. Terminal Fun With screenFetch
    7. PCLinuxOS Family Member Spotlight - Mr. Lumbergh
    8. PCLinuxOS Bonus Recipe Corner: Cheesy Bacon Ranch Potatoes
    9. GIMP Tutorial: Pattern Filters For Different Effects
    10. ms_meme's Nook: We Saw The Light
    11. PCLinuxOS Puzzled Partitions
    12. Screenshot Showcase

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