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September 2018      Issue 140

  • From The Chief Editor's Desk

    1. Short Topix: Dropbox Scales Back Linux Support
    2. LibreOffice 6.1 Released
    3. PCLinuxOS Recipe Corner
    4. Gmail, Dropbox Team Up
    5. PCLinuxOS Family Member Spotlight: duskull
    6. GIMP Tutorial: Editing Your Vacation Photos
    7. ms_meme's Nook: The OS Of My Dreams
    8. Easy Voice Recognition in PCLinuxOS
    9. Testimonials: Hello, There!, A Vote Of Appreciation
    10. Photopea: Replacement For Photoshop?
    11. PCLinuxOS Bonus Recipe Corner
    12. Repo Review: Bitwarden
    13. ms_meme's Nook: One Hundred Cheers
    14. Tip Top Tips: British English On An American Keyboard And Other Tweaks
    15. PCLinuxOS Puzzled Partitions
    16. Screenshot Showcase

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